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Tilting modules for classical Lie superalgebras
陈志玮 博士(台湾中大)
2020年7月2日10:00-11:00  Zoom房间号:873 477 8140

主持人:罗栗 副教授
报告平台:Zoom房间号:873 477 8140 密码:500494

报告人简介: 陈志玮博士,毕业于中国台湾中研院,师从程舜仁教授,从事李超代数表示论研究。现任职于台湾省中央大学。

报告内容简介:A finite-dimensional Lie superalgebra g=g_0+g_1 is called classical if the restriction of the adjoint representation of g to the Lie algebra g_0 is completely reducible. It follows from Kac's classification that every finite-dimensional simple complex Lie superalgebra is classical except for those belonging to the so-called Cartan series. Tilting modules in the BGG category O for most of the simple classical Lie superalgebras have been studied by Brundan following Soergel's approach. In this talk, we will introduce a version of Ringel duality for the parabolic versions of the category O of a general classical Lie superalgebra. This talk is based on joint work with Shun-Jen Cheng and Kevin Coulembier.